Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm every woman

Firmly entrenched in my last trimester of pregnancy, I've lately been in need of a new pair of jeans. The pair that has seen me this far is now indecently tight on my rear which is simply not a look I'm comfortable sporting. And so, I've been searching.

Target was out of my size. Old Navy was out of my size. JCPenney was out of my size.

These stores weren't out of sizes, mind you, just my size. Which is an M or L if you're measuring using the alphabet and a 12 if you're using numbers. Oh, and a short length. Don't forget the short part.

This isn't just a pregnancy problem for me - it happens in a rather reliable kind of way at all the other times in my life, as well. So, apparently, I am every woman. I am you. And you take all the good stuff before I can get to it.

You even took all the reasonably colored maternity panties at Target, leaving me to buy up four pairs of these green-colored beauties:

Thank you for that.