Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I said yes

Aside from "I love you", the only other thing my children hear a gillion times a day is "no". This happens when they ask me to make pancakes for breakfast (everyday), then again at the grocery checkout line, and very frequently when watching their cartoons on cable. And you know WHY they hear "no" a gillion times during their shows, right?


All those $%#&! infomercials. The consummate consumers that are my children raise all manner of fusses and hollers while branded businesses float fantastic images and catchy slogans across our tv screen at a billion beats per minutes. None of this is lost on my kids. So the "no" comes into play early and frequently.

But then.

Then we saw Kaboom (TM) at the store. The very same product that they've been coveting during cartoon time. They went wild for it. All four of them. And I felt like Bill Cosby in that stand-up routine where he mentally checks off all the reasons why chocolate cake is good for breakfast: flour, eggs, milk. We have a winner! My mental checklist was: cheap, easy, kid labor. We have a winner!

So I said yes.

To Kaboom (TM).

They couldn't run to the bathrooms fast enough with their prizes when we got home. I read them the directions and retrieved for them any other necessary supplies. The purple stuff was sprayed everywhere and we all waited for the magic to happen. It was supposed to turn green in the toilet and white in the tubs. It did. But their enthusiasm fizzled quickly.

Turns out that this magic cleaner does NOT do all the work for you. Turns out this magic cleaner thickens the air with chemicals and you simply can't breathe very well. Turns out you still have to apply some elbow grease to that task. Turns out this magic cleaner works no better than baking soda, water, and a scrub brush.

Turns out this magic cleaner sucks.

But my children learned valuable lessons. They learned to not believe everything they see or hear. They learned not all that glitters is gold. (Or, more accurately, that not everything that's purple cleans.) They learned that sometimes Mom says yes.

And that lesson, friends, will afford me at least another month of justified "no"s during cartoon time.



  1. Ha!! Love this! And love the comparison to the Bill Cosby show...I LOL-ed when I read that.

  2. I've had Bill Cosby moments like that, too. We just rewatched the routine that he has the chocolate cake in - comedy gold. And way funnier now that I am a parent...

  3. Glad y'all liked the Bill Cosby reference. That entire routine is perfection.